Mental Health Awareness and Resources

We have compiled resources about common mental health conditions among college students and some different resources available at Virginia Tech and around Blacksburg, Virginia. For each topic below, you can visit a webpage with more information or download a full report. Remember that this website is a research project and cannot replace treatment by a medical professional. This site is not intended to treat, diagnose, prevent, or cure diseases. If this is an emergency, contact local authories or a trained medical professional immediately!

College Students and Mental Health

This page explains mental illnesses over the years, the most common illnesses found on college campuses, how mental illness can impact a college campus, and the consequenses when mental illnesses go untreated.

Online Mental Health Resources

In times of crisis, and specifically mental health crises, it can be overwhelming for students to know what their options are. On this page, we consider some online resources that could be benficial for students.

Student Support Groups

Researchers have discovered that support groups can help people with mental disorders such as depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, and psychosis, during their recovery processes. On this page, we provide details about a student support group at Virginia Tech.

Off-campus Resources

On this page, we list five off-campus resources that could be beneficial for students. The five resources we found are all close enough to campus that they would be accessible by bus if needed. We provided links to their websites and other information about their services.

Cook Counseling Center

We conducted a survey and found that over half of the respondents said they would be comfortable seeking help at Cook Counseling Center and 47.3% of respondents said they had been at Cook Counseling Center. On this page, we provide details about the Cook Counseling Center.


Information on this webpage was researched and compiled by students in a section of ENGL 3764: Technical Writing at Virginia Tech during Spring 2019. The class was taught by Andrew Kulak. Students worked in groups on different parts of the page, and contributors are recognized below.

Group 1: Samantha Schuler, Michele Ambrose, Sean Lynch, & Abdul Shahid

Group 2: McKenna Borton, Dat Bui, Christopher Stoll, & Regina Zastrow

Group 3: Aaron Brandel, Sang Han, Kristin Jamison, & Alex Nguyen

Group 4: Cristian Candray-Rios, Edric Lee, Alexis Spangler, & Andrew Villacres

Group 5: Jared Bell, Alexa Johnson, Mamud Koroma, & Katie Pikturna